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Universal Credit

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Quote from the announced new shake up on premiums:

‘The model introduced in 2008 for the Employment and Support Allowance has worked well. This provides additional benefit components for people in the Work Related Activity and Support Groups. We intend to mirror this approach in Universal Credit.
The Government believes the existing structure of overlapping disability premiums is overly complex and causes confusion. We are considering what extra support may be needed for disabled people in Universal Credit, over and above the additional components mentioned above and the benefits available elsewhere’

The end of SDP and EDP ?

‘The Government is carefully considering whether changes to Carer’s Allowance will be necessary to take account of the introduction of Universal Credit and provide clearer, more effective support for carers.’

more money for carers?

The introduction of Universal Credit provides the opportunity to sweep away some
of the centrally imposed complexities of Council Tax Benefit that make it difficult
for people to understand.

CTB to be scapped?

‘But there may be better approaches. For example:
• providing support for childcare through a voucher or discount system, rather than as part of the Universal Credit award;
• recognising childcare through an additional earnings disregard rather than
an additional payment.

reform of tax credit child care costs?

‘The current system of Community Care Grants and Crisis Loans will therefore be reformed. In England, Local Authorities will be responsible for administering much of the reformed system –’
Social Fund Gazumped?

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My guess is that there is going to be a huge argument over conditionality. (nothing wrong with that). What I find more interesting is that the route IDS is taking, Universal Credit, is likely to be against many of the Coalitions stated aims. eg making work pay, incentivising marriage, simplyfying the system, reducing bureaucracy.