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The PIP merry go round

Dan Manville
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Greater Manchester Law Centre

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I’ve just picked up a case that has me lamenting the sorry state of the assessment process so I thought I’d share it.

Client works a very flexible job, hardly any contact with anyone thanks to the nature of the gig economy work they do. Some weeks nowt, never more than 16 hours,

Migrated from DLA in 2015, the PA4 reads “they look alright to me…” as we’ve come to know and love, but the ensuing Tribunal, including the most conservative Judge on this patch awarded enhanced daily living.

2 year review, PA4… “they work and they looked alright to me”, the inevitable Tribunal agreed with the previous one.

2 year review, PA4… can you guess? “they work and…” thankfully it only took an MR to get the EDL reinstated.

2 year review, 2023, “no change” throughout the AR1 with a description of the ongoing problems detailing the same level of need, more antidepressants and contemporary medical evidence suggesting they’re still really ill, PA4…  I bet you can guess what they said, you’d be right cuz they were still working!

The hearing’s in a couple of weeks.

Had I had conduct of this earlier I’d probably have aped Leigh Day’s public letter in the build up to the 4th round of TP & AR: “oh come on, do we really need to do this again?”

Helen Rogers
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Welfare rights officer - Stockport MBC

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I’ve had the same thing with clients with limited insight/present well.  0 points at every assessment and have to MR or appeal every time.

Andyp5 Citizens Advice Bridport & District
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Citizens Advice Bridport & District

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At the risk of creating an echo chamber similar on the Jurassic coast and the Dorset interior.

There was a stat on here in which around 25% cases scoring nil points at the application and MR stage. Getting enhanced rates at tribunals (can’t remember when, but it was in the news bit).