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Call recording - outgoing calls from the Jobcentre (Universal Credit)

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Would anyone know if work coaches calls are all recorded and if so, would it be a ‘Subject Access Request’ to get it or is there another route I’m missing? I know the calls are recorded on the UC enquiry line and outgoing calls from the service centre but I don’t have enough contact with the jobcentres to know if all their calls are recorded. I have an awful case of a work coach behaving appallingly towards an 18 year old.

Thanks in advance

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Work Coach phone calls to claimants from Jobcentres are not generally recorded and I have never come across an instance.
If you need further information I would contact the PCS Union which represents Jobcentre staff.

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You might also be able to SAR their internal records, which might back up your client’s version of events.

In terms of resolving the issue I don’t know that you’ll particularly need evidence. I recently had a case where as far as I could tell the WC had actually done the client a fair few favours, but nonetheless he felt wronged. After we refused to help he went to his MP, and the WC was reassigned within 14 days.