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ESA transition to UC problems

Dan Manville
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Greater Manchester Law Centre

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I thought we’d seen the back of the MGP1

So two instances recently where people make a UC claim due to moving LA area, iro ESA, LCWRA.

In both cases the messaging from Work Coaches has been “we’re waiting to hear back from ESA” and our local partnership manager didn’t confirm the MGP1 had been issued but didn’t deny it either.

Again, in current case, very vulnerable client with LCWRA is being dragged to appointments and the message from the work coach is “will you chase ESA to confirm you were in the Support Group?” requested a sick note and has triggered a WCA prematurely.

Now before lockdown, the MGP1 process having failed spectacularly, I recall they put a team in place to check LMS and transfer the LCW/RA status. Has that now stopped; have we reverted back to the failed, wholly inappropriate paper system? Or has the entirety of the Greater Manchester JCP failed to read the email?

as ever, answers onna postcard please… (am I showing my age now?)