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Grey Matters Consultancy

Gareth Morgan
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CEO, Ferret, Cardiff

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Has anyone come across these people?  They seem to have a fair few ‘franchises’ dotted around the country.

I noticed their price list, which includes:

“Service Fee
Attendance Allowance – Full Form £330
Attendance Allowance – upgrade to night rate £264
PIP/DLA £396
Carers Allowance £96
Pension Credit £132
Council Tax Revision (Subject to other benefits being in place) £132
Employment Support Allowance (ESA) £165
Housing Benefit form £165”

Grey Matters Life Navigators are trained by the Disability Rights Organization and the DWP themselves.

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Welfare Rights Officer with SWAMP Glasgow

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Haven’t come across them, but a quick google told me:

Doesn’t appear to be a scam (at least not the kind where there’s something nefarious concealed). The reviews they have on Facebook don’t seem fake.

They’ve apparently appeared on Radio Cardiff, and generally seems to promote some charity work/uptake of benefits.

The owner has written a (not very successful) book!:

Seems to me your run of the mill doing the work of a charity, but charging for it. My main concern would be their reliability, and whether they have indemnity insurance etc.
I wonder if ‘trained by the DWP’ just means one of them used to work for DWP :P