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The Process for getting a UC50 sent out to the claimant

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Extract from a recent local liaison meeting with JCP, and JCP having come back to us with a response to a question about…................

‘4. The Process for getting a UC50 sent out to the claimant

**** said that if a fit note is for 4 weeks or more the Work Coach makes a referral for a UC50 right away.  This should be done within a few days of the start date of the fit note.  However, the claimant may still be required to attend for meetings with Work Coach.

If the fit note is for a shorter period than 4 weeks, the computer system logs this and continues to do so when any further fit notes are submitted.  After 29 days of continuous fit notes, the computer puts a flag up on the Work Coach’s screen and it’s then up to the Work Coach to notice this and manually refer the claimant for a WCA by getting a UB50 sent out to them.  This should be done within few days of the flagging.

Both these scenarios depend on the Work Coach taking action.  It is not done automatically’.