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HB and Temp accommodation

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Client was placed in temp accommodation beginning of August 2021.  He is a vulnerable client with some learning difficulties and mental health issues and needs a lot of support generally but with benefit claims in particular. He applied and was awarded UC however had no assistance with a HB claim for the TA.  He was referred to myself and in October we made the claim for HB and requested maximum backdating. His accommodation does not appear to meet reg 76 (3) as he does not have a daily charge, therefore he was awarded max one month backdating leaving him with 6 weeks arrears.

I have been informed by a colleague that the TA team are meant to provide some form of notification to HB when a vulnerable person moves in so that a HB can be awarded from the point the claimant moves into the property even if the full claim is not made within the time limits. Does anyone know what they might mean by this? 

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Welfare rights officer - Dunedin Canmore Housing Association

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That sounds like they would notify an intention to claim benefit to the relevant department (probably but not necessarily by email).  It means that the claimant has a month (or such other extended time as it is felt reasonable) to provide the full claim details and supporting evidence.  The main benefit I’ve found to this being done (whether by you or someone else) is that the local authority will usually send a reminder letter if all the details aren’t provided because a claim has been registered.