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Opinions please. JSA claim closure

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Hello, I’m not sure if I have any grounds to pursue this, but thought I’d ask here before speaking with my client.

I have a client who had been claiming JSA for a number of years (previously on ESA, found fit for work and took no action). Throughout the pandemic their alcohol consumption has increased significantly and self-care has reduced as a family member who previously helped him became ill themselves.
They regularly do not have a phone and do not handle day to day affairs or post. On 6th April, the DWP sent a 1st class letter to the client for an appointment in the jobcentre on 13th April 2021. The client didn’t attend. On 20/4/21 the DWP decided to closed the claim as of 30/3/21 as the client did not contact them within 5 days of the FTA. 
I’ve looked into the regs quoted by the DWP in their MR response and cannot see grounds for us to take it further to request they reopen the claim until the start of the UC claim on the basis of EPoS but I just wanted to check I haven’t missed anything before going back to the client.
They were hospitalised in May 2021 due to a serious fall and the clients daughter visited the home to discover unopened letters and very poor living conditions, which is when we were contacted to support. The client provided a backdated fit note covering 30th March - 27th May 2021 which was sent to JSA along with a MR request explaining the clients situation. A UC claim has been made and LCWRA awarded since. PIP is also being processed.

They’ve quoted JSA regs 1995, section 1 & 1996 - 23, 24(6)(10), 25(1c), 26, 27, 55 in the MR response.