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Carers Allowance and ESA

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I’m sure this is a simple question but can’t seem to find an answer and being quite a new/recent adviser I don’t know lots about legacy benefit rules.

Cl is in receipt of ESA and PIP with her daughter receiving CA for her. Cl has received a letter from ESA stating that she has an overpayment of just under £1000 for not reporting that her daughter is in receipt of CA for her.

I am aware that they are overlapping benefits but can only see the rules re. if the persons partner is claiming CA but this isn’t the case as she is completely seperate.

Could someone please clarify this. Any advice is greatly appreciated.



Elliot Kent
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The most obvious explanation is that your client has been receiving the Severe Disability Premium as part of her ESA. As one of the conditions of SDP entitlement is that no one is claiming Carers Allowance in respect of you, the SDP shouldn’t have been paid from the point at which CA was awarded to the daughter.