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No MR?

Gareth Morgan
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I’m in the middle of a long and complex, big recovery amount, case that dates back about 25 years.  The client wrote a single letter, late, MR request for the 3 benefits involved about two years ago but, AFAICS from looking through the very large pile of papers, only had the request turned down for IS.  Any hope of using the non-response to revive an appeal?

Elliot Kent
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I guess there are two ways to look at it. Either there was a single MR request dealing with various benefits and the DWP’s failure to deal with the non-IS parts of it is an implied refusal of those parts, so that when your client (presumably) lodged an appeal following that refusal, the scope of the appeal extended to the other benefits raised by the request. Or alternatively, there are three MR requests and the non-IS parts just haven’t been dealt with so that the DWP now need to deal with them no matter how long it has been. I think if that’s the argument, it would be a case of complaints/pre-action letters due to the failure to deal with the MRs.

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