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SDP claimed UC without previous non means tested benefit award

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Just checking, my client was on ESA support group contribution based only, claimed UC in Jan 2021 and was awarded PIP D/L rate in June 2021, can she get an SDP ?? , I don’t know what was going on with UC by client tells me she was only paid it in August 2021 but it was backdated to Jan 2021 !!!

Timothy Seaside
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Housing services - Arun District Council

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You say the PIP was awarded in June, but was that the claim date or the decision date?

Elliot Kent
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And while we’re at it - is this old or new-style ESA?

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You need to be clear whether the ESA claimed in 2018 was indeed legacy ESA (which would have included contribution based and income based calculations) or was in fact new style ESA. If the latter this can never include income based elements and therefore could not include SDP.