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PIP points mobility or daily living

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I’d always assumed that the   seperate descriptors could be viewed either individually or by blurring   into each other eg someone might have a physical disability which affects their ability to walk as might the   presence   of   other   [people which are a cause   of anxiety.

Is any one aware   of any caselaw on this topic I appreaciate it may be   unlikely bearing in mind the   manner in which trinunal decisions are written up and statement   of reasons stated

Thanks   in advance

Elliot Kent
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I’m not really 100% that I have understood the question, but you can’t generate entitlements by “blurring” in PIP whether we are talking about descriptors (e.g. prompting or aids and appliances), activities (e.g. washing or dressing) or whole components (i.e. daily living and mobility).

The decision maker or tribunal needs to look at each activity and assign an appropriate descriptor. To get an entitlement under a descriptor you would need to show that it applied at least 50% time (on its own or in combination with other descriptors for that activity). You can’t for example say that you almost get points for this and almost get points for that so you should get some sort of recognition of that as a result.

That isn’t to say that considerations can’t be relevant to more than one area - for instance there may be situations where a mental health based difficulty might be relevant to scoring points for a descriptor more associated with physical health or what have you.