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Closure of Post Office Card accounts

Paul Stockton
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Epping Forest CAB

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I’ve had this invitation from the DWP, which I’ve accepted:

“What are we doing:

My team are working on the ceasing of Post Office card accounts.

We are particularly focusing on how we can make sure that our customers who use Post Office card accounts are:

aware of the end of the contract,
moved across to other ways of receiving their UC payment in the right way (properly, painlessly, and without any loss of funds).

This is where you come in!

In order to do this, we would love to talk with people who give advice and help Universal Credit customers, specifically around:

Post Office card accounts and,
the Payment Exception Service.

What we need from you:

We know how valuable your experiences are to the work we do. And all we need from you is either:

15-20 minutes of your time, between 2pm - 4pm on Monday 22nd November?
This would be a video call where you would answer a set of questions
Or, a pre-recorded video call session before the 22nd”

I don’t know what the questions will be, and no doubt others have been invited, but if any non-invitees want to feed any information in via me, feel free.

Seems to me the problem with ending POCA is that many clients won’t have the ID necessary to open a bank account without a lot of hassle they are ill-equipped to deal with, because the banks think they have to treat all new customers as potential money launderers. The obvious answer to my mind is that the DWP validates all these claimants’ ID, as DWP has already accepted that they are genuine, otherwise they wouldn’t be receiving benefits via their POCA.