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Help with benefit calcs please

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Can anyone help me with some calcs for a client as I’m out of the office without a PC.

Couple, both severely disabled, both on highest PIP. Both on ESA-C. One gets a pension of £106.51 pw. Never claimed HB or CTS. Care for each other.  So bens at present are:

ESA-c x 2 = £228.20
PIP x 2 = £304.30
Occ Pen = £106.51
TOTAL £ 639.01

Doesn’t look like the Occ Pen is being taken into account.

Their rent is £100 pw and they are paying max CT less a 14% disability discount £137 pm). I get their ESA-IR to be

Personal Allowance = £117.40
Support component = £39.40
Enhanced Disability (couple) = £24.60
Severe Disability Premium x 2 = £134.60
Carer Premium x 2 = £75.40
TOTAL = £ 391.40
Less Occ Pen = £106.51
Less ESA-c = £217.45
Payable = £67.44

Are the calcs correct?

Should they try to get the extra ESA-IR or make a new claim to UC for the rent. Or get the extra ESA first and then claim UC?