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Backdated double SDP on ESA claim with DV injunction

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My client is now on UC but was previously the partner on an IR ESA claim. Both my client and the former partner should have been entitled to SDP for the previous ESA claim as far as I can tell, however, it was never paid. They have now separated following mutual incidents of domestic violence and both have injunctions preventing them from contacting each other.

I am going to ask DWP to look at the SDP entitlement for the peiod in question., However, if it does backdate and pay it, will the payment go to the partner whose ESA claim it was rather than my client? How do I get it paid to my client, (other than just asking and explaining) or can I not?

Then there is the question of TP for the UC claim which also does not seem straightforward when the SDP is paid retrospectively…