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If someone has accidentally claimed UC on behalf of another person

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Client was receiving IR ESA - but payment was suspended; Support Worker went online and tried to claim new-style ESA - wasn’t entitled and directed to claim UC:
Support worker provided her works email address for the client;
Client doesn’t have any access to computer but does have a smart phone which she can’t use very well.

I wasn’t aware of the actions of the support worker, contacted DWP who reinstated IR ESA - as this was after the involvement of the SW, I am assuming that no stop notice was made, as IR ESA is in payment.

Only became aware of the UC claim as client receiving text messages to go online and log on to her UC journal.

What I want to know is, can this UC claim be withdrawn, as it was made by another person who provided their email address; they weren’t aware that they were making a claim for UC - as they were directed from the new-style ESA claim?
Client has undertaken any of the biometrics for the claim to be processed, however because of the actions of the SW, does mean that a claim has been made.