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Does taking on responsibility for another persons child end tax credit award

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Hi All,

I’m helping Kinship carer, Cl already has one child and claims child tax credit for this child. Cl has taken in her child’s friend due to problems at home, children’s services have been made aware and are happy with the arrangement and so is the other parent.

Is this deemed a change of circumstances and will Cl have to make UC claim or can cl simply add the child to her existing CTC award? I can’t find anything regarding kinship carers.

Many thanks.

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Theoretically, where there is already a CTC award, adding another child would not result in the termination of the award, however eligibility for another child element may depend on the section under which the child receives any kinship care payments from the LA.

Responsibility for the child is the relevant factor. You can only claim Child Tax Credit for children you’re responsible for.

You’re usually responsible for a child if:

they live with you all the time
they normally live with you and you’re the main carer
they keep their toys and clothes at your home
you pay for their meals and give them pocket money
they live in an EEA country or Switzerland but are financially dependent on you