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Universal Credit and interaction with War Disability Pension (WDP) & Allowance for Lower Standards of Occupation

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I am wondering if you anyone out there has come across this, it is a bit niche so appreciate it may not be something anyone has ideas on and I am contusing to research but coming up blank at the moment.

I have a client who is getting WDP with mobility supplement and the allowance for lower standard of occupation (ALSO).  I have done a benefit calculation but as his wife works full time they would not be eligible for any UC unless there is LCW or LCWRA applied to the UC award so that they can qualify for the work allowance.  I know that if he had the higher UNSUP allowance this automatically is treated as being in the LCWRA and just wondered if this lower award may be treated as LCW?  I see that it is classed as an overlapping benefit so he can’t claim ESA. 

I also wondered if he were to claim UC and get LCW (obviously no payment) would he be risking being paid the ALSO payment as I read somewhere you can’t be paid both but assume this means can’t get ESA or UC LCW.