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Overpayment recovery challenge.

Dan Manville
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Greater Manchester Law Centre

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Hi all

Once upon a time, in a meeting where everyone was sat in a room (remember those!?) a frequent contributor here told a tale of UC trying to recover an overpayment where they still had the Tribunal decision that held that the overpayment was not recoverable from the claimant.

I need to hear about any other cases where anybody has proven that the debt was either not notified to the claimant properly or found not to be recoverable.

Ideally I need it quickly as I will be doing a pre-action letter this weekend.

I note that it was reported yesterday that oodles of money is due to be taken from claimants and we all know that it’s done in the most onerous of manners. With a fair wind we might be able to challenge that. 

Please inbox me here or mail danmanville AT