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Updates from OSEF on electronic claims, delays to PIP claims and DS1500s


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A few issues that came up in our stakeholder forum this morning -

- electronic PIP2s - a blip happened which meant ‘tasks’ weren’t being picked up properly in relation to PIP2s submitted electronically - as a result they had to pause the rollout of electronic PIP2s. So you may notice delay in them being dealt with but situation should be resolved going forward
- delays in claims being processed - someone from Macmillan raised delays of more than six months between claim and award -we were told there shouldn’t be this level of delay and they are interested for details where there is. If anyone has cases and wants to DM/email me a Nino and details of how long it’s taken I would be happy to pass on
- DS1500 - same person had also noticed an increase in DS1500s being rejected - DWP said no reason why this should be - I’d be interested if anyone else has a similar experience

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I recently had a gentleman pop in to see me whose DS1500 was rejected. He has a glioblastoma grade 4, there was no reason whatsoever for it to be rejected. Unfortunately he has not left me his details but his nurse specialist was writing with more information to support his MR.