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Non-lead claimant of separated SDP couples may miss out on transitional SDP element


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DWP comments on potential for some claimants to miss out on SDP element when migrating to universal credit-

‘From 27 January, if a “lead member” was entitled to the SDP at the couple rate and the couple split either ex-member would be considered for eligibility to the transitional SDP element on making a claim to UC. The Department was trying to protect groups of people who were entitled to SDP and who would continue to be eligible to SDP at the point of making the new UC claim. Where a non-lead claimant was on a legacy benefit with a partner, and the couple separate and the non-lead claimant makes a new UC claim, it was not possible to identify the claimants automatically…
Given the small numbers involved, it would not be feasible to ask every claimant whether they were getting SDP as this, would be disproportionate and not relevant to most UC claimants.’

for further details see pages 1-5 of SSAC meeting minutes 9 December 2020

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Very unsatisfactory. Relies on claimants in that situation knowing about the rules and potential entitlement and then informing DWP.