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Questions over transitional payments and

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RAISE Benefits Advice Team, Liverpool

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We have a client currently receiving PIP SRDL & ERDL, 2 x CA and Income Support.

They’re in the process of moving to a different Local Authority which will trigger a UC claim.

Currently they have no SDPs in payment so no compensation payments once they move to UC. We were considering getting them to cancel one CA claims and getting them to call HB to get at least one SDP in place on their claim.

We were not 100% sure whether post the 27/1/21 change whether having an SDP on the HB claim would entitle them to compensation/transitional payments on their UC claim or whether HB is no longer considered a ‘legacy’ benefit after the January rule change.



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Welfare benefits supervisor - Roehampton CAB

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If you only have the SDP with HB then you do not qualify for the SDP element of UC

“This exta element is only available to those who were entitled to an award of Income support, income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance or income-related Employment and Support allowance that included an SDP, not those who only had an SDP in their Housing Benefit.’”

Why not also get and SDP paid with the IS and not just HB, and if they get IS, HB disregard all other income and captial, and usually with that ‘passport’ HB don’t assess premiums etc

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