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Getting SDP element through supported living

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My query is two pronged:
1 Is supported living now covered by UC housing costs?
if no
2. Can eligibility for SDP be established from housing costs.

The background.
XX received PIP DL and NS ESA was not on any IB benefits, but when they moved to supported living the SDP was established via housing benefit and IR ESA could be claimed for the SDP.  If this scenario came up now, could XX still qualify for the SDP element if Housing Benefit still pays the housing costs in supported living?


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If your customer lives in ( or is moving into )  supported, exempt accommodation, then HB covers those costs, not UC.

If your customer already has a HB claim, then that will continue, even if he changes address within the same Local authority area to a property that isnt supported accommodation. ( because the HB claim is already “live” and a change of address within the same area isnt treated as a new claim.
The exemption which prevented a customer with a severe disability premium claiming Universal credit ended last week.27.1.2021

So if your customer currently gets HB at Local Authority 1 but is moving to a new address in a a different council area , Local authority 2, then he will need to mske a new claim for Housing costs - he can ONLY claim his Housing Benefit at LA 2 if the new address is supportd accommodation , or temporary/homeless accommodation.
Otherwise he’ll have to claim UC to get his housing costs covered.

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The SDP gateway now being closed there is no route to get the SDP unless they already have ibJSA/irESA/IS in payment.

If the only legacy benefit in payment is HB they will also not be entitled to the transitional element in UC.

EDIT: They can still get the SDP allowance in their HB.

Daphne, did you delete your post :P ? Could have sworn I saw it a moment ago.

[ Edited: 4 Feb 2021 at 04:06 pm by Va1der ]
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If I understand the question correctly, o/p wants to know whether it is still possible to convert new-style contribution based ESA to old-style income-related ESA including an SDP on the basis of having an HB award with the SDP.  The answer is no - not since 27 January.

Before 27 January, it was possible to do this either by claiming UC or by applying for an ESA superseding decision: either of those actions converted new-style ESA back to old-style in a case where the claimant was on HB including an SDP.  But the closure of the SDP gateway on 27 January now prevents this conversion from happening.