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Unable to get MATB1 for Maternity Allowance claim?

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RAISE Benefits Advice Team, Liverpool

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I’m trying to claim Maternity Allowance for a client of mine, though it’s a number of months after the actual birth and her GP is saying they can’t get a copy of MATB1 certificate.

They’ve done her a letter instead, which hasn’t been accepted.

Has anyone had any experience of claiming MA late and know if there’s any way around this or whether it would be worth contacting the hospital to try and get a copy of the MATB1 form.


Andyp5 Citizens Advice Bridport & District
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Citizens Advice Bridport & District

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I wasn’t sure if you meant an original copy that has gone astray or the GP didn’t know how to obtain copies of MATB1? So just in case the link above.

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