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JSA and UC whilst submitting fit notes

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Hi I am really not sure if this the right place for this, please move if it should have been posted under JSA.
Client was working until Summer 2020, job ended because of health issues. She went to claim UC Oct or November, started claim and JCP adviser told her to claim JSA. Client claimed and was awarded JSA which is still in payment. She is submitting fit notes to UC and has received UC 50 now. Says JSA are still in touch with her phoning her regularly and have been aware of fit note from the start.

Currently the only income she receives is from JSA. UC are counting income from JSA and from IB at a total of over £500 so no entitlement to UC. [She is homeowner and does not even want to claim mortgage interest payment loan. We are trying to resolve the IB issue. Client say she received this for a couple weeks 10 years ago, so maybe they never closed the claim]

I am concerned about the JSA payments though. Have looked at extended sickness period in the online CPAG WBHB, Apart from the fact that she has been/ is expecting to be off work for more than 13 weeks, it also says in the handbook that you don’t qualify for extended sickness period if you claim UC.

Is she being overpaid JSA? And if yes, could the overpayment be set off against the underpaid UC?

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Why doesn’t she just close the JSA claim? If she wants Class 1 NI credits rather than Class 3 she can claim new style ESA (if she meets the NI conditions).