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Pension age is 66 from tomorrow until 2026


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The IFS has highlighted - that -

From tomorrow, for the first time in over a decade, the point at which people can claim a state pension (the “state pension age”) is simple. If you have reached your 66th birthday, you can claim it. Otherwise you cannot. For women, the state pension age (SPA) has risen from 60 in March 2010, reaching 65 two years ago in October 2018. From then on the state pension age rose for both men and women, to reach age 66 tomorrow.

So more need to check those pension tables…

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Note also that the process of increasing State Pension age is now effectively on hold for a few years.

See the section headed “Increase in State Pension age from 66 to 67 under the Pensions Act 2014 in the State Pension age timetable

So someone who is born on 06.10.54 reaches State Pension age on 6 October 2020, someone born on 06.10.55 reaches State Pension age on 6 October 2021, someone born on 06.10.56 reaches SPA on 6 October 2022 etc.

The next significant change comes in 2026, whereby someone born on 05.04.60 reaches SPA on 5 April 2026 but someone born on 06.04.60 reaches SPA on 6 May 2026 and then it increases by one month up to 2028.