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PIP sheltered accomodation

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I have a client who has just been awarded enhanced DL by a tribunal. He is 68 and lives in sheltered accomodation and PIP have said that because of this he cannot be paid?

He lives is social sheltered housing with a warden/manager who calls him once a week but that is all the help he gets.

This is the first time i have come across this. Can anyone give me some guidance

Elliot Kent
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Just give PIP a ring.

I had a client who went to his assessment and waxed lyrical about all of the help he was getting in his supported accommodation and how brilliant it was. The DM read the HCP report and said “well I reckon that might be a care home - no daily living for you”. Rang up the escalation contact and it was sorted within a couple of hours.

(PIP daily living is sometimes not payable if you are living in a care home, which your client emphatically isn’t. See ADM P3027 onward for further guidance on what is and isn’t a care home and the consequences of this.)

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We had a similar case recently, problem solved by a quick letter to DWP.
The DL component cannot be paid when Clients live in care homes/hospice/ hospital accommodation -when the costs are funded by public funds. This shouldn’t happen to Sheltered Accommodation residents.  Does your client get Housing Benefit? If so, this is further proof that he gets help from HB rather Social Services or the NHS.