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UC entitlement after claim has ended?

Rebecca Lough
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Welfare rights - Greenwich Council

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Wondering if anyone got any thoughts for this one.

It’s a couple where they were claiming UC and client was awarded LCWRA in March 2020. Almost immediately, their income was then too high for entitlement. He has since claimed credits only ESA which has not yet been assessed.

In July 2020, client was awarded PIP at tribunal which in giving partner the carer element pushes them into entitlement when they previously weren’t. They are only entitled if the LCWRA is also there.

Two questions:

1) Can he be awarded LCWRA from the beginning of a new claim on the basis of the previous UC assessment in March and

2) Do anytime revision rules allow for re-establishing UC entitlement when it was previously lost.

Thank you!

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1) Yes. See Reg. 28(3)-(4) here.

2) I don’t think any of the anytime revision grounds apply here. I think you’d need to make a late application for an any grounds revision. You have excellent grounds for an extension to be given.