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How is New Style ESA administered?

Dan Manville
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Greater Manchester Law Centre

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Joined: 22 January 2020

I’ve always imagined that NSESA is administered on the Labour Market System; the whole process of loading the claim at an interview has persuaded me of that, but now I need to know for sure.

Has it got it’s own IT platform or is it old style ESA in new clothes?

Mike Hughes
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Senior welfare rights officer - Salford City Council Welfare Rights Service

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Don’t know but would be very interested to know. Couling was adamant at GMWRAG in 2019 that UC would never talk to legacy IT systems. It’s a specific design feature. So, given that the original (wrong) line was that NSESA could only be triggered by a UC claim and then all of a sudden that changed it does sound like NSESA is on a different platform which, like UC, has been “developing” as it goes along. 

Anyone with more of an in on this.