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PIP "planned"  v "unplanned" intervention

Rosie W
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Welfare rights service - Northumberland County Council

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I am getting increasingly confused by what PIP is doing with reviews.

Spoke to them today for a client who had contacted them on 25 February to tell them about his dizzy spells. The inevitable happened and he was sent a review form the same day. He didn’t let his social worker know until last week. She cannot get to see him and he cannot complete the form without help. He has an award (on reconsideration) of enhanced DL and standard mob with a review date in December 2027.

Ian at PIP said this was an “unplanned” intervention because it was instigated by the claimant not by them as a planned review. His opinion was that although the 3 month period for return applied, if that deadline was missed (which it was about to be) it would be treated as a failure to return in the normal way. They have granted a further extension but if the client had not contacted his social worker it seems that there is a risk his award might have terminated.

I have no doubt they would accept good cause in the circumstances but for vulnerable claimants (which all of ours are) it relies on them knowing to contact their social or support worker for help. Some of our clients don’t do anything until they realise their money has suddenly gone down.

Elliot Kent
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A planned review is DWP instigated and takes place approximately 1 year prior to the end of an award. A planned review will only take place in either a long term award (2 years plus) or a short term award where a review is specifically set.

This contrasts with a renewal claim, which is a further claim for benefit made as the previous award is coming to an end. DWP will prompt these in short term awards without reviews.

An unplanned review is a review instigated for any other reason, usually that the claimant has rung up and said their circumstances have changed.

A failure to return the PIP2 on either a planned or unplanned review can result in the early termination of benefit. A failure to return on a renewal claim can result in the summary refusal of benefit.

Whether the 3 month extension applies in any given case seems to be determined by flipping a coin.

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