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Landlord Portal and market rent, shared ownership properties and RPs

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We have the Landlord Portal and verify rent for our social tenants on this. However we also have some market rent and shared ownership properties. I had assumed we couldn’t verify these rents on the portal as they are more like private tenants. We have previously told these tenants to take their Tenancy Agreement to Jobcentre although it rarely came up.  Now I am questioning myself - particularly as we are getting more of them via the Portal as these tenants are losing jobs due to CV19..

Does anyone know if we can also use the Landlord Portal to verify these?

The guidance here says:

4. Is the Universal Credit Landlord Portal available to all landlords?
The Universal Credit Landlord Portal is only available to registered social landlords and not private landlords.

5. Who can access the Universal Credit Landlord Portal?
You may be able to access the Landlord Portal if:
•you’re a social rented sector landlord
•you have general needs properties as part of your housing stock
•you let these properties below market rent through a housing register

Not sure if point 5 requires all the 3 bullet points above to be correct or just one of them?

Any one else in same situation?


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