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Temporary living arrangements

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Citizens Advice Leicestershire

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I’m interested in any thoughts others may have on situations where someone is temporarily living elsewhere for reasons to do with lockdown.

My thinking is that for LTHAW the word “normally” as used in DMG 11053 - “neither normally lives in another household” can’t be strained to cover a situation that is of its nature abnormal and exceptional. Therefore a person who absent this emergency has their own home cannot be said to have joined a household for the duration if not intending to stay longer or permanently. Their “normal” household has not ceased to exist.

This is of course relevant to other issues such as responsibility for children, where non-dependants have their home.

The concern is that in the absence of clear guidance there is considerable detriment to existing claimants including being forced onto the path of UC natural migration.

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Aberdeenshire Support and Advice Team

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I’m concerned about this aswell.