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Welfare rights officer - Dunedin Canmore Housing Association

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I’m fairly sure there have been no announcements about this situation, but thought I’d doublecheck.

Full-time student who would usually have no entitlement to assistance with housing costs so works as well as receiving student funding.  Both work and college are closed due to Coronavirus.  While she thinks that student funding will continue she won’t get paid from work.

Any new provision under UC (or anything else) to cover this situation?

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benefits section (training & accuracy) Bristol city council

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depending on how the wirhdrawl from the course is phrased, then the nearest thing that fits her circumstances is being an intercalting student! (Hb rules, not sure about UC)  Again - this is all new territory bur would imaging student finance will stop and the final instalment (due after Easter) wont be paid to students if the unis are closed.


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Students are still doing their courses generally - face to face contact has stopped but they can contact tutors online and assessments are going on - my daughter working on her dissertation as we speak and exams are going to be replaced with something else - similar to GCSEs and A-levels so think (hope!) loans will continue