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‘Protected pension’ - right to inherit from deceased spouse

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Can anyone tell me what a ‘protected pension’ is that a person can inherit 50% of in relation to their deceased spouse? 

Was this always paid only with their own state pension, or did it used to be claimed as a widows pension.

Widows in their 60s now having to wait till 66 for own state pension would previously have been able to claim a pension based on husband’s contributions?

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I’m fairly certain that inherited pension was only payable as an extra amount when the person inheriting it reached pension age themselves. I sure someone else will be able to give legislative reference for this.

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Women who were widowed in the 1990s received an additional amount in their widows pension, based on 100% of their late husband’s superannuation.  On reaching pension age the same amount was added to the basic State Pension, and continues in payment to date.  It is shown on the annual breakdown of pension as “Pre 97 additional State Pension”, and is also uprated annually.

At some stage (I can’t remember when) the additional payment was reduced to 50% for those who were newly widowed.