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Call for evidence launched into the economics of Universal Credit

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The Economic Affairs Committee launches its inquiry into the economics of Universal Credit and invites written contributions to its investigation. The deadline for submissions is 29 February 2020.

The Committee is seeking answers to the following questions:

* How well has Universal Credit met its original objectives?
* What effect has fiscal retrenchment had on the ability of Universal Credit to successfully deliver its objectives?
* Were the original objectives and assumptions the right ones for ensuring adequate and fair social security for all? If not, how should they have been different?
* Which claimants have benefited most from the Universal Credit reforms and which have lost out?
* How has the world of work changed since the introduction of Universal Credit and does Universal Credit’s design adequately reflect the reality of low-paid work?
* If Universal Credit does not adequately reflect the lived experiences of low-paid workers, how should it be reformed?

Call for evidence launched into the economics of Universal Credit