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Exportability of benefits in EU - Norway ‘scandal’

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Don’t know if the news from Norway have reached the UK, but there’s a scandal running at the moment which I found pretty interesting.
Essentially the Norwegian equivalent of DWP has failed to correctly implement the EU regs with regards to exportability of certain benefits. As a consequence, dozens of claimants have been incorrectly accused of fraud and imprisoned for up to 8 months because they went abroad while claiming, without correctly notifying NAV (DWP).

This letter from EFTA explains it to some extent:

The error has gone largely unnoticed for years, despite several cases going to appeal, so I guess I’m curious if the UK is covered in this area.

If anyone wants any more info I’ll be happy to dig a little deeper/translate.


shawn mach

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Wow ... good sleuthing!

HB Anorak
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Reg 883/2004 might as well be in Norwegian

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HB Anorak - 15 January 2020 10:24 AM

Reg 883/2004 might as well be in Norwegian