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Landlord Portal

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Financial inclusion manager - Wythenshawe Community Housing

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Any social landlords with landlord portal know why some UC claimants housing costs are verified on the portal and others come via email. I thought it was people on live service were via email and those on full service were on the portal but we have had some which didn’t follow this.

Also does any one know if all will be moved onto the portal at some point?

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Welfare rights officer - Dunedin Canmore HA, Lothians

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Landlords should have provided a list of addresses to DWP so that these could be loaded onto their system. This meant that if someone makes a UC claim, the system would attempt to identify the landlord as part of the claim process.

The address details in a UC claim are pulled from a system that looks them up according to postcode. It will then only populate the claim with the landlord details if the address exactly matches. if there is any difference, it can’t do this, and so the landlord is contacted to verify the rent/tenancy.

We have problems with flat references, and houses with other ambiguous addresses -

eg 9b Poverty Street is different from 9 b Poverty Street.

If DWP have one version but the landlord uploads the other, then the system won’t recognise it