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Sorry we missed you

shawn mach

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Interview with Ken Loach in the Guardian today about his new film: ‘Sorry we missed you’ ...

Ricky Turner is a blow-in from Manchester, he used to be a builder, until the financial crash killed the local trade. His latest, perhaps last, roll of the dice is to become a delivery driver; one of those guys who park their vans on double yellows and lug boxes to your door and who make today’s consumer economy work.

His wife is Abby, whose dreams of a family home died along with the collapse in 2007 of their mortgage provider, Northern Rock. She is a carer, looking after sick and elderly people as best as she can within the few minutes allowed by her agency.

The couple work in the gig economy, a world of zero-hours contracts, barely any holiday or sick pay, and firms that paint workers as their own bosses, even as they punish them for being an inch out of line or a minute over time.