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19 year old with LD in non advanced education (life skills)

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Hello all. I have read a thread from 2 years ago and have a client in a similar situation where child benefit will continue until age 20 or when course ends if sooner but UC for dependant ended at end August. The family are down by around £600 monthly and the young adult with complex LD will have to make a claim to ESA (new style) to have his lcw assessed before being able to claim UC in his own right.
I wonder if there is anything else I am missing here ??

This was returned to client via her journal following her request for MR
IMPORTANT: If you are claiming Universal Credit and have a 19 year old in approved training or non-advanced education, do not include them as a dependant child after the 31 August following their 19th birthday (if their birthday is the 31 August do not include them from their 19th birthday). Even though your Child Benefit will continue for this child, the Universal Credit child element will not be included from this date.