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Appeals with wheels

Neil Windle
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Pennine West CAB

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I’d be interested to hear from any advisers, reps etc. who are finding that their appeals are being sped through the process at an alarming speed, so quickly in fact that it makes preparing a case very difficult. HMCTS tell me that that in my area the average time for appeals is between 36 and 42 weeks. However, those of my appeals lodged between June and August are being heard in September and October, and there seems to be no reason for this. My postponement requests have met with limited success, and some Tribunal Judges are being quite bullish and refusing postponement requests made at the hearing. Often they (wrongly) cite the effective date of the decision as when the appeal process began, which gives the impression that the appellant and rep have had many months to prepare a case.

Your comments are very welcome.

John Birks
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Welfare Rights and Debt Advice - Stockport Council

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ESA and DLA for a Child tend to move quickly. The pipeline seems to be clearing so it’s probably best to get the case sorted sooner, rather than later IMHO.

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Welfare Support Worker - Community Renewal Edinburgh

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The fastest I’ve got is SSCS1 for PIP submitted via online portal on 11/09/19, hearing scheduled for 23/10/19.

As a rule of thumb I’m currently advising my clients to expect a 2 month turnaround.