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Represent Judicial Review

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Can anybody provide me with the contact details of a barrister who is competent in benefits and the jurisdiction?
I have been asked to help a claimant who has fought her case up to now but obviously needs to be represented in the High Court.
If she cannot instruct a barrister, would she get a sympathetic hearing if she represented herself?.

Elliot Kent
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This ought to be dealt with by a solicitor who will potentially be able to assist under legal aid.

CPAG has a directory of appropriate solicitors:

Your client should not be instructing a barrister directly unless the barrister can take instructions from members of the public under direct access rules AND the case is suitable (i.e. the client is capable of dealing with the parts which a solicitor would normally do for themselves). Direct access barristers can be found here:  - If your client instructs a barrister directly they will still need to pay and you can’t get legal aid for direct access.

Free opinions and representation can be secured via Advocate (ex Bar Pro Bono Unit) here:  - but not all cases can be dealt with like this.

If your client runs the case themselves it is very likely they will lose and be hit with a big costs bill. Part of the reason you instruct proper lawyers is so that you get advice on whether your case should be brought at all.