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mixed age couple getting back onto PC?

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From the other side - 18 August 2020 01:57 PM

Sorry to resurrect this thread but I have a similar (ish) scenario but I do not think it will be possible to now enter claim for PC. Client, male, on UC and 61 (29/3/57) moves in with partner, female, age 65 (26/10/53) and in receipt of SRP and HB. No PC claim by her as unaware that she could have! They moved in together on 28/3/19 prior to the cut off date in May 19 for mixed age PC claims. He put her on his UC claim but after taking into account her SRP (£740 monthly) they only have a small amount left which is paid towards housing costs.

Any views on whether a backdated PC could be possible, as stated earlier I don’t think so but asking just in case there is something I have missed?

As backdating is a maximum of three months the last date on which a MAC couple could make a claim for PC was August 2019.

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WRAMAS Bristol City Council

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Mine was successful because the UC claim was withdrawn. I think as your client’s made a UC claim and it’s been paid, as far as I can tell there’s no going back (unless they were a SDP gateway case and claimed in error).

It’s a real shame how unknown & underclaimed PC is as the income difference between a pension age claim and UC is really significant in a lot of cases.

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Thanks, that’s the confirmation I was looking for.

Shame for the clients as it makes a big difference, the SRP is supporting two people rather than the one it was intended for!