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Replacing stocks of DWP forms that have 0345/0300/0345 numbers on


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I have just had this information through via the stakeholder forum -

DWP is now initiating the replacement and destruction of any remaining print stock with the old 0345/0300/0845 numbers still held by external stakeholders.

External stakeholders holding stocks of Department of Work and Pension print products are requested to review their stock of the old printed products, as listed in the attachment below, to ensure that items promoting the 0345/0300/0845 numbers are replaced with the correct 0800 versions.

External stakeholders are advised to check the quantities of the products ordered to avoid excess stock e.g. an order of 1 may comprise a unit of ten items. Please ensure that the quantities ordered are appropriate to your regular business need and usage. 

Please re-order any items by 23 August 2019.

Product list attached

If you don’t already have systems set up for ordering leaflets see -

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