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Attendance Allowance reinstated?

Emma K
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My first post. I am looking for any guidance at all. I have a man who just realised his AA payments ceased March 16’ when award stopped. He made renewal claim in Nov 15’ and has letter from DWP stating they received his claim form. This man is housebound and unaware of finances.
This is a valid claim and as such DWP must make a decision however is onus on claimant to follow up on decision notice? He has DWP letters re AA from 2014 as keeps everything. When I phoned DWP to clarify, they advised me there were no claims in their system for this man.
Any thoughts?



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Could try anytime revision on the basis that they acknowledged they had received the form and lost it - therefore official error and put in a complaint about the missing form. Does the client have a copy of the AA claim form that was sent? Could be helpful to include this in any complaint/dispute.

May want to make a new claim so that client isn’t missing out on payments in the mean time.