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UC - failure to book ID interview - reclaiming and AP dates

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If someone fails to book their ID interview, their claim will close after 7 days.  If you reclaim after this, is it like a normal reclaim and the AP dates from the first claim still apply, or is it like an ineligible claimant and the AP dates run from the date of the new claim if they reapply?

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They certainly shouldn’t be closing them after 7 days! This article from CPAG’s welfare rights bulletin might help -

‘Closing’ universal credit claims

Also see

Peter Turville
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You may find the following link helpful (apologies if it is referred to in the links above)

Although some of this is specific to claimant commitments it illustrates that 7 days is an administrative deadline which has no basis in the the legislation and should be challenged

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Its in one of the links Daphne put up, but for convenience see attached letter from the Then Secretary of State David Gauke etc etc, talking about its a month as opposed to 7 days etc etc.

You may want to use it as evidence etc etc

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