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Implementation of award following successful appeal


ESAS Manager
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Ealing Mencap - Specialist Advice Service

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Does anyone have any information regarding the time scales in implementing revised benefit rates & paying arrears following a successful appeal please?

Also any views on whether there is any merit in asking for a compensation ( one off ) payment from DWP where there is a successful outcome at UT, which has taken almost 2 years to procure, from the initial PIP decision.

Elliot Kent
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1. Depends on the benefit and circumstances. Generally 4-6 weeks. Longer if the DWP want to appeal.

2. I think it is the same as in this thread:

DWP very likely to say they won’t compensate (“our decision was reasonable and nothing went wrong even though the Tribunal disagreed with us”) but the only way to be sure you won’t get compensation is not to ask.

From the other side
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I also normally advise clients that it will take DWP 4 - 6 weeks, however pleasantly surprised this week that after successful appeal hearing on 20/9/19 decision letter dated 1/4/19 has been issued by DWP. In addition ESA had also been in contact with client to reinstate her SDP!!

No harm in asking for compensation.