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First UC payment when APA in place


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Citizens Advice Hillingdon

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My L.A. colleagues tell me that every time APA is agreed in relation to rent payments, the tenants get the first (or subsequent to agreeing APA) UC payment directly paid to tenant,  and only then APA kicks in, from 2nd payment on. This happens even if APA is arranged in good time to process it and apply to the claim.

I am not sure if this is correct but cannot find anything about it in Guidance ( )

Would you say this is your experience, or would you be able to tell me why it happens?

Timothy Seaside
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Housing Services, Arun District Council

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No, I cant think of a few where we’ve asked for APA from the start and got them from the start. The question of how long we’ve had to wait to get our first payment is another thing - it can easily be two months after the start of the claim. It depends on how the claimant’s payment date fits in with our next four weekly batch of monthly payments from DWP.