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DWP to pay £10K compensation

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lady substantially disabled with various issues, then had pneumonia so missed ECA; benefits stopped; she committed suicide

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Information and advice resources - Age UK

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This is a really truly shocking case, that was first bought to light by John Prings of Disability News Service.

Jodey Whiting: DWP ignored five ‘safeguarding’ chances before WCA suicide

Phil R
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£10K for a life. I guess the DWP and Tory government don’t really value the lives of ordinary people very highly.

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Seems to be a standard amount - - this one involves a PIP assessment by Capita.

Elliot Kent
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Chrissum - 25 February 2019 10:24 AM

Seems to be a standard amount - - this one involves a PIP assessment by Capita.

I am not sure they are quite the same thing - that is another judgment in default where Capita have ignored a court claim and had an order made against them (a bit like this one from last year with Atos -



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Consent has been reqested for fresh inquest into Jodey Whiting’s death to examine role played by DWP -

Family of Jodey Whiting seek fresh inquest into her death to examine role played by DWP