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transferring LCFW to uc without wca

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situation is client has been on esa (suggested time is for a year) with no wca.  they now have a job which means esa claim will need to earn as earnings above pw.

client gets pip and if he has an earnings allowance would get a top up of uc.  only way to get an earnings allowance would be via lcfw/lcfwra.

i know a component can be carried over to uc from esa but my question is can time spent in the assessment phase be carried over meaning the client could get uc from the point he passes the wca rather than go through the waiting period again?


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Yes it can - see reg 20(3) of the UC(TP) Regs - so if he passes the WCA then that applies to the ESA award till it ends and to the UC award from the start

I think he will have to claim UC and ask for a decision to be held pending the result of the WCA on the basis they need that info in order to make the decision.