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Advance claims for new-style JSA

Income Max
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Weymouth & Portland Citizens Advice

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Phoneline for new style JSA claims are insisting that they can only accept claims 3 days in advance.

SS(C&P) Regs and UC,PIP,JSA&ESA; (C&P) Regs specify that contribution-based JSA can be claimed 3 mths in advance. I haven’t been able to find anything about this being changed for new style JSA.

Is this the phoneline making up their own rules or has anyone encountered this as an actual regulation?

BC Welfare Rights
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The Brunswick Centre, Kirklees & Calderdale

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still quotes the UC etc (C&P) Regs at 2095:

“An advance award of JSA may be possible if a claimant does not satisfy the
conditions of entitlement on the date on which a claim is made but will satisfy them
for a future period. The future period must begin on a day which is no more than
three months after the date of claim…”

The opening bit of the guidance clarifies it is in relation to new style JSA

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